Abracadabra Finance’s MIM Stablecoin Plummets Following $6.5M Exploit

Abracadabra Finance’s MIM Stablecoin Plummets Following $6.5M Exploit

By: Isha Das

Abracadabra Finance, a decentralized finance (DeFi) lending protocol, recently suffered a security breach leading to a substantial crash in the value of its Magic Internet Money (MIM) stablecoin. The exploit resulted in the depletion of its value, falling from its initial $1 peg to as low as $0.77 before making a slight recovery to around $0.92. This comes after confirmation of the exploitation from the platform's development team.

The attack on the platform, involving certain Ethereum cauldrons, also had an impact on the project's overall asset value. Information detailed from CoinMarketCap showed the security breach's influence on the ecosystem, leading to abrupt fluctuations in the MIM stablecoin's value. Additionally, there was a significant drop in the total value of assets locked on the platform, with a decrease of approximately $23 million, resulting in assets under management falling to $139 million.

Abracadabra Finance assures the public of its commitment towards restoring the stablecoin's peg through the DAO treasury's planned purchasing and burning of MIM from the market. Blockchain security firm, CertiK, estimates the exploit at around $6.5 million, attributing it to the attacker's manipulation of a rounding error issue on the platform.

In summary, this incident illustrates the volatility and potential security issues in the DeFi space, reinforcing the need for stringent security protocols and precautionary measures.

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