Access Protocol Launches $25,000 Quest With Superboard To Introduce Transferable Subscriptions

Access Protocol Launches $25,000 Quest With Superboard To Introduce Transferable Subscriptions

By: Eliza Bennet

Access Protocol has announced an exciting Subscription Quest initiative in collaboration with Superboard, aiming to promote its innovative transferable subscription feature. This campaign, which boasts up to $25,000 in potential prizes, is expected to significantly change how users interact with content creators.

These transferable subscriptions leverage compressed NFTs, allowing users to create, purchase, sell, and transfer subscriptions. This latest feature marks the final component of the comprehensive Access v2 upgrade, as noted in the official release.

The Subscription Quest is designed to engage both new and existing users by celebrating community, promoting innovation, and embracing a future-centric approach to digital content consumption.

“This campaign is set to not only reward participants but also deepen their engagement with the evolving landscape of digital content consumption,” stated Access Protocol.

Quest Stages

The quest is divided into two distinct stages, each offering unique rewards and challenges that participants must navigate.

Stage one involves introductory and onboarding tasks, such as educational content consumption, creating an account, subscribing with 2 ACS tokens, and tweeting about their participation. Completing this stage successfully earns participants 100 SUPR points and an additional 2 ACS tokens.

The second stage, accessible upon completing the first, focuses on subscribing to transferable subscriptions from top-tier creators like CoinGecko, Wu Blockchain, BlockTempo, TechFlow, AB Media, CoinNess, ChainFeeds, and Bourgeois. Participants in this stage can enter a draw to win Forever Subscription NFTs from leading media outlets in the crypto space.

The campaign spans three weeks, with winners announced one week after completion. Participants must meet verification requirements by providing the requisite NFT; failing this will result in disqualification and forfeiture of rewards.

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