Access Protocol Launches Solana’s Actions and Blinks for Streamlined Crypto Transactions

Access Protocol Launches Solana’s Actions and Blinks for Streamlined Crypto Transactions

By: Eva Baxter

Solana Labs, the company behind the Solana blockchain, has partnered with communications startup Dialect to introduce a new product called Actions and Blinks. According to a June 25 statement, Access Protocol, alongside other notable blockchain projects like Jupiter, Backpack, Tensor, and Sphere Labs, will integrate Solana Actions and Blinks into their operations.

How Access Protocol Will Utilize Actions and Blinks

Solana Actions are Application Programming Interfaces (API) facilitating signable transactions for specified programs, while Blinks leverage these APIs to create user-friendly interfaces. A spokesperson explained: Protocols map transaction links to a specific Solana Action. Blinks are the technology that unfurl the links in an easy-to-use interface via browser extensions. This technology allows a shareable link to present an interface for a Solana transaction, enabling users to conduct crypto transactions through any website or application. For instance, a link on social media platform X or a publication site would allow users to complete a crypto transaction without leaving the webpage.

Access Protocol will use Actions and Blinks to enable one-click purchases of staked ACS subscriptions for top crypto media platforms using Solana’s native token, SOL. SOL is currently the fifth-largest digital asset by market capitalization, trading at $137 as of press time. Next week, Access Protocol plans to add 20 more creators to its platform with the aim of eventually reaching 160 creators. Andreas Nicolos, CEO of Access Labs, praised the APIs as transformative for Access Protocol and the wider crypto sector. He stated: Solana Actions simplify the user onboarding experience while Blinks expand the total surface area for engagement. The impact of these two products combined cannot be overstated.

Access Protocol aims to revolutionize digital content monetization with a blockchain-based subscription model. By offering ACS subscriptions in SOL tokens, the platform will further broaden the adoption of its subscription model within the crypto community.

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