AI Advancements by Tech Giants: Chatbots, Smart Glasses and More

AI Advancements by Tech Giants: Chatbots, Smart Glasses and More

By: Eva Baxter

Last week saw tech giants such as Meta, Amazon, and Microsoft making significant strides in the realm of Artificial Intelligence (AI). From novel AI chatbots to AI-enabled smart glasses, these advancements indicate rapid evolution and growing competition within the sector.

OpenAI, backed by Microsoft, revealed crucial updates to its AI chatbot, ChatGPT. The chatbot will now have access to current and authoritative data, allowing for integration of more up-to-date knowledge. The chatbot is also rolling out multimodal functionalities, enabling more natural conversations involving images, video, voice, and text. Notable early use cases include the generation of code based on screenshot inputs.

Meta announced its latest offering, the Ray-Ban Stories smart glasses, integrated with AI capabilities. These smart glasses present innovative step towards hands-free computing. The smart glasses come with multimodal capabilities, allowing them to comprehend visual information as users inquire. In addition to these, the glasses can also translate text seen in real time and livestream videos, allowing for interactive sharing.

Meanwhile, Amazon has significantly invested in AI startup Anthropic, indicating its aggressive entry into the expanding AI market. The cooperation will equip Anthropic with cloud infrastructure to advance its emerging 'frontier model' and give Amazon Web Services customers early access to Anthropic's models.

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