AI Continues to Transform Various Industries Despite Growing Concerns

AI Continues to Transform Various Industries Despite Growing Concerns

By: Eva Baxter

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming increasingly ingrained in various sectors, causing both excitement and concern. In law, AI tool Pre/Dicta can predict judge rulings with 86% accuracy, focusing solely on past bias rather than specific case details. The tool could drastically bring about efficiency and decrease costs in civil litigation, making 'judicial forum shopping' a precise science and potentially reducing court backlogs.

In the music industry, platforms like are using AI-generated music, presenting drastic changes to traditional label costs and operations. Such platforms are also challenging the boundaries of intellectual property and copyright laws, signaling the need for AI-specific legal frameworks in the near future. AI-based music has been disrupted by technology, and the innovation is causing the conventional music industry to scramble for solutions.

Meanwhile, AI trends expected to bloom in the coming years include the widespread use of AI assistants, increased Fortune 500 company adoption, the rise of generative AI, and growth in natural language processing systems. AI's infiltration into public services, healthcare, documentation processes, and even more sectors seems imminent as we look into the future.

However, concerns and debates also surround AI's growing dominance. The rapid development of AI in defense, as exemplified by the substantial funding secured by Helsing for military solutions, raises questions regarding the implications of AI in warfare. Furthermore, although AI is touted as a revolutionary force, there are apprehensions about its potential to infringe on intellectual property rights, particularly in creative industries.

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