AI could become Apex Species; Vitalik Buterin Exposes Risks and Solutions

AI could become Apex Species; Vitalik Buterin Exposes Risks and Solutions

By: Isha Das

In a recent blog post, Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin warns about the potential of super-advanced artificial intelligence (AI) becoming the 'apex species' of the planet, surpassing human intelligence and posing risks to humanity's survival. In a world where AI is "fundamentally different" due to its capacity to form a new type of mind, such unchecked progression could potentially put humans and the earth in peril.

The blog post, which has sparked wide-ranging conversations among the AI and blockchain communities, highlights how unchecked AI surpassing human intelligence could see it becoming the leading species on earth and poses a threat to human survival. He added that a superintelligent AI could consider humans as a threat, potentially leading to humanity's extinction. This constitutes a unique risk, differing from other man-made perils such as climate change, pandemics, or nuclear war.

However, Buterin also advocates for humans not solely relying on profit maximization but developing active human intention to guide AI for the betterment of humanity. A possible solution to retaining human control lies in brain-computer interfaces (BCI), which is a communication pathway between brain activity and external devices. This would enhance human control over robust forms of AI-powered computation or cognition and ensure meaningful human influence over global affairs.

Despite the risks outlined, Buterin remains optimistic about the future, calling humans the 'brightest star' in the universe with the potential to utilize technology for further human development and survival.

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