Bitcoin infrastructure startup OrdinalsBot acquires $3 million seed fund

Bitcoin infrastructure startup OrdinalsBot acquires $3 million seed fund

By: Eliza Bennet

OrdinalsBot, an infrastructure platform, announced that it successfully procured over $3 million in a seed funding round intended to expand and improve the Bitcoin ecosystem.

The funding round witnessed enthusiasm from several astute investors such as DACM, Eden Block, and Nural Capital, along with contributions from Lightning Ventures, Oak Grove Ventures, and WWVentures.

The platform shares ambitious plans to optimize this fresh resource inflow to boost the Bitcoin ecosystem. This would involve expanding their team across all departments with a significant focus on the development team that aims to innovate and facilitate the environment for users and developers in the ecosystem.

In addition to mining the largest Bitcoin block for the Runestone drop, OrdinalsBot also was instrumental in the creation of novel Bitcoin inscriptions and BRC-20 tokens.

DACM CEO, Richard Galvin lauded OrdinalsBot for their commitment to innovation within Bitcoin's ordinal inscriptions. The startup's future growth plans portend a positive impact on the advancement of the broader Bitcoin space.

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