Blockchain Infrastructure Project Avail Raises $27 Million in Seed Funding

Blockchain Infrastructure Project Avail Raises $27 Million in Seed Funding

By: Isha Das

Avail, a project seeking to construct a dynamic Web3 infrastructure, successfully raised $27 million in a seed funding round. This initiative was supported by renowned venture capitalism firms, with the proceeds going towards the development of Avail's three primary products: Data Availability (DA), Nexus, and Fusion.

The 'Avail Trinity' as it is termed, aims to accelerate the incorporation of Web3 networks by creating a unified framework conducive to near-seamless operation across platforms. Avail came into the limelight last year as a spin-off from Polygon, Ethereum's prominent layer-2 network.

Avail embraces the vision of a future industry where isolated ecosystems create their own technological and scaling solutions but stay interconnected via a trust-minimized and secure coordination layer. At the heart of this scenario is the robust 'Avail Trinity', forecasted to play a vital role in the evolution of the crypto environment. The Avail DA, augmented with validity proofs and data availability sampling (DAS), stands as the scalable foundation that paves the way for rollups to thrive with efficient verifiability.

Avail also prioritizes strong security via Fusion Security, an innovative methodology that uses native assets procured from developed ecosystems such as Bitcoin and Ethereum to strengthen its platform's security architecture.

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