China Initiates Blockchain-Based Platform, RealDID for Privacy-Centered Digital Identity

China Initiates Blockchain-Based Platform, RealDID for Privacy-Centered Digital Identity

By: Eliza Bennet

China has announced the launch of a new blockchain-based service, RealDID aimed at balancing real-name identification with user anonymity. The service, announced on Dec. 12, is the product of collaboration among the National Information Center, the Ministry of Public Security, China Mobile Communications Group, Anxin Technology Development, and the BSN Development Alliance.

RealDID leverages the CTID digital identity chain and the BSN blockchain service network to offer a comprehensive solution for identity verification in the digital economy. It provides distributed digital identities combining privacy protection, real-name authentication and user control over personal data.

The platform offers various services including real-name confirmation, data encryption flow, privacy protection login, custom business DID service, identification certificate and personal data authentication. These services ensure secure transmission of data, user anonymity, individual business identities, distributed authentication and controlled data disclosure.

This development is significant in light of growing privacy concerns in the digital era. It enables users to have better control over their data, ensuring businesses have access only to the necessary information, effectively bolstering personal privacy and data security. This move is particularly influential in the Web3 space, where the use of distributed applications and multi-party collaborations is on the rise.

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