Crypto Exchange HTX Resumes Services After $13.6 Million Hack

Crypto Exchange HTX Resumes Services After $13.6 Million Hack

By: Isha Das

Cryptocurrency exchange HTX, formerly known as Houbi, has announced to resume its financial operations within 24 hours, following a $13.6 million exploit on November 22. According to an official company statement, HTX plans to fully compensate for the losses and guarantees user fund safety.

The exchange noted that the stolen funds represent an insignificant fraction of its total capital, ensuring that its normal operations remain unaffected. This recent attack forms part of a larger assault, involving an orchestrated $86.6 million exploit on the HTX Eco (HECO) Chain bridge, which includes HTX, Tron and BitTorrent—all linked or controlled by the Chinese blockchain entrepreneur, Justin Sun.

HTX reiterated its commitment to asset and information security and measures to prevent such incidents in the future. Despite experiencing four hacks in the past two months, the firm remains confident in its safety protocols. Particularly significant was the $100 million Poloniex exploit on November 10, which reportedly involving an apparent private key compromise. As the investigation continues, HTX has offered a $10 million bounty for information leading to the retrieval of stolen funds from the Poloniex exploit.

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