Crypto Gaming: Skyrocketing Bull Run and Top Altcoins to Watch

Crypto Gaming: Skyrocketing Bull Run and Top Altcoins to Watch

By: Eliza Bennet

Reputed crypto analyst, Miles Deutscher recently confirmed the beginning of a major bull run in the crypto gaming sector, amidst noticeable growth such as a fourfold increase in the value of Heroes of Mavia and the coming of Gunzilla Games to the XBOX platform. With the total gaming market cap hitting a staggering $20 billion, many believe that we're witnessing the early signs of a significant market shift.

Deutscher argues that gaming has the potential to introduce millions of new users to the blockchain. His belief stems from gaming's inherent accessibility, its incentive for user engagement and its mass appeal. He also suggests a tiered investment strategy focused on gaming infrastructure, studios, and individual games to balance risk and potential rewards.

According to Deutscher, some of the top altcoins for the sector include Immutable (IMX), Vulcan Forged, Echelon (PRIME), Merit Circle, Heroes of Mavia (MAVIA), SHRAPNEL (SHRAP), and Nakamoto Games (NAKA). These selections are constructed based on their contribution to gaming infrastructure, studios, and game offerings.

Meanwhile, RPGs, 'The Walking Dead: All-Stars' and 'Summoners War: Chronicles' are slated to move to the layer-2 chain, drawing attention to the growing popularity of blockchain integration in the gaming industry.

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