Crypto Investors Lean Towards Trump in 2024 US Election, Survey Reveals

Crypto Investors Lean Towards Trump in 2024 US Election, Survey Reveals

By: Eliza Bennet

Recent survey results conducted by Paradigm indicate a shift towards favoring Donald Trump by crypto owners for the 2024 US presidential race. The research suggests that 48% of crypto holders plan to vote for Trump, leaving Biden trailing behind at 39%. This puts Trump slightly ahead among crypto owners compared to non-crypto owners, 45% of whom plan to vote for Trump as opposed to 42% for Biden. Interestingly, these figures reveal a reverse in sentiment from the 2020 elections, as most crypto investors were seemingly leaning towards Biden at that time.

Besides, the survey pointed out that crypto ownership is not limited by political affiliation. Democrats and Republicans appear to have an almost equal share of crypto investments— 19% and 18%, respectively. Independent voters, however, come in at a higher figure with 24%. The research also highlights that a small percentage, around 6%, have invested in spot Bitcoin ETFs. Despite a minor difference in political affiliation, an investment in crypto, the research reveals 49% of Americans do not trust either political party's stance on crypto, including 40% of Democrats and 30% of Republicans.

The results suggest that a shift in crypto policy could result in significant vote swings, especially considering that about a fifth of the country participates in crypto. Policymakers from both sides are thus urged to develop comprehensive crypto policy proposals to capture this burgeoning voter demographic.

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