Degen Chain Returns After Two-Day Outage; Infrastructure Stabilization Underway

Degen Chain Returns After Two-Day Outage; Infrastructure Stabilization Underway

By: Eliza Bennet

Ethereum's layer-3 blockchain, Degen Chain, is back in operation, after a two-day-long outage which began on May 12 and affected multiple decentralized applications and bridges on the network. The revival of the chain's operations was facilitated by Conduit, a rollup infrastructure platform, which managed to re-synchronize its nodes from the genesis block.

Nonetheless, it is important to note that the blockchain's block explorer is still in the process of being indexed, hence infrastructure providers have been advised to initiate the indexing from a specific block for smooth consistency. During the network recovery process, Conduit strategically filtered out transactions from less than five addresses that were harbouring millions of failed transactions, to expedite the online revival of the network.

In an earlier communication, Conduit shared that the complications within the Degen Chain started with a custom configuration update last week. This update unexpectedly caused two chains, Degen and Proof of Play's Apex, to halt 'posting batches' for over 24 hours. Upon resumption, the first batches triggered re-organisations on both chains. However, a thorough explanation (post-mortem) of the incidents has been promised by Conduit. The recent hitches within the Degen Chain have triggered heightened scrutiny on layer-3 blockchain networks, leading to disputes within the community.

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