El Salvador Introduces Bitcoin-powered Freedom Visa with Tether

El Salvador Introduces Bitcoin-powered Freedom Visa with Tether

By: Eliza Bennet

In a revolutionary move, El Salvador has introduced a unique 'Freedom Visa Program' in collaboration with Tether. The aim of this initiative is to propel Bitcoin investors towards the nation's citizenship, offering an opportunity for 1,000 individuals annually to contribute to the country's economic rebirth, revolving around Bitcoin and technological innovation.

El Salvador's Freedom Visa, much like Portugal's Golden Visa, encourages 'global changemakers' - particularly high-net-worth individuals or investors - who are keen to accelerate economic expansion and societal transformation. On meeting a financial benchmark of $1 million in Bitcoin or USDT, these participants can secure residency and a pathway to gaining citizenship, signifying commitment to El Salvador's future.

This Central American nation's approach to harness sustainability alongside technological progression, as reflected in its plans to use natural thermal energy for Bitcoin mining, sets its citizenship-by-investment initiative apart. Their aim is to turn it into an economic hub powered by technology.

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