ENS Developer Accuses Unstoppable Domains of Patent Infringement

ENS Developer Accuses Unstoppable Domains of Patent Infringement

By: Eva Baxter

Amid growing tensions in the blockchain domain industry, Ethereum Name Service (ENS) lead developer, Nick Johnson, has accused business competitor Unstoppable Domains of patenting open-source technology developed by ENS. Johnson claims that Unstoppable Domains' recent patent on "Resolving Blockchain Domain" encroaches on ENS-developed innovations.

In response, Matthew Gould, the founder of Unstoppable Domains, continues to show commitment towards improving web3 naming standards while fostering collaboration within the industry. Johnson, however, insists on Unstoppable Domains making a legally binding commitment to donating their first patent, as he warns his readiness to challenge the patent legally.

While Johnson accuses Unstoppable Domains of stifling the open innovation ecosphere, Gould emphasizes the need for a dialogue platform, inviting ENS to join the Web3 Domain Alliance. Gould further discusses the implications of the debate beyond ENS and Unstoppable Domains and highlights the importance of an open and collaborative approach towards shaping the future of web3 naming standards.

As these developments unfold, the crypto community's eyes are firmly fixed on this battle of domain giants, with the potential outcome likely to impact the ethos within the Web3 naming landscape.

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