Future 'Power Duo' of DePINs and AI: Trends and Regulations

Future 'Power Duo' of DePINs and AI: Trends and Regulations

By: Eva Baxter

Renowned as potential game changers across industries, Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Networks (DePINs) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies are predicted to be a 'power duo' in the upcoming years. DePINs, which uses cryptocurrency tokens to support the creation and operation of physical infrastructure democratically, are gaining worldwide recognition. Associated predominantly with the Internet of Things (IoT),IoT Analytics describes them as a significant player in integrating physical world infrastructure with blockchain technology. Based on Messari's recent data, the DePIN market is expected to expand from $2.2 trillion to $3.5 trillion in the next four years.

Meanwhile, AI is also under major discussion in global platforms. For instance, Italy, as one of the considerable players in AI regulation, aims to address this topic as a priority during its G7 presidency. Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni has plans to hold a special AI-focused session before the first leaders' summit in June 2024. Attempts to understand the implications of AI in the labor market, especially those related to automation, have been in the spotlight.

In contrast, a different perspective is taken by Anthropic, an AI company, guaranteeing not to use private data for chatbot improvements. It stands out amidst several AI companies leveraging large data sets for algorithm improvements. Such perspectives have been gaining attention as privacy-related challenges keep surfacing in the domain of AI.

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