Google Plans Premium AI Services & 'Stable Audio 2' Launches

Google Plans Premium AI Services & 'Stable Audio 2' Launches

By: Eva Baxter

Google is examining the option of introducing generative AI-backed 'premium' functionalities to its search engine. It is considering this as a part of its existing premium subscription package. The company already offers access to its latest AI innovations like the Gemini AI assistant incorporated in Gmail and Google Docs.

Even though Google's conventional search features will likely remain freely accessible, there is a shift to a paid model. Google's move is a major step away from its historical reliance solely on advertising revenues. The tech giant generated $175 billion from its search and related advertising ventures in 2023, accounting for over half of its total revenue.

In other AI news, Stability AI has launched 'Stable Audio 2', an AI music generator that offers longer high-quality tracks with solid licensing. However, it is not yet clear whether its compositions will be able to surpass the ones formulated by its competitors.

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