Humane Introduces Innovative AI-Powered Wearable Pin

Humane Introduces Innovative AI-Powered Wearable Pin

By: Eva Baxter

AI startup Humane has unveiled a highly advanced, wearable AI virtual assistant known as AI Pin. This lapel pin-style device allows users to tap and interact with a virtual AI assistant, embedding AI technology into the fabric of daily life.

AI Pin, which is integrated with OpenAI technology and Microsoft's cloud computing features, projects a laser ink display onto the user's palm, and can also recognize gestures and objects. It has the ability to craft messages that sound like the user's own 'voice', organize emails, provide AI-curated music experiences, and even function as an AI photography assistant. Moreover, it can act as a foreign language interpreter and aid in maintaining user's nutritional goals by employing computer vision to identify food.

The wearable gadget, priced at $699, is set to be available for order in the United States from November 16. It will cost consumers a $24 monthly subscription fee that covers the pin's cell number and cellular services.

Humane, the company behind this innovative gadget, was founded by former Apple engineers who contributed to iPhone's development. The company has received significant investment from OpenAI's CEO, Sam Altman, and Microsoft.

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