Larry David Expresses Regret Over FTX Super Bowl Ad

Larry David Expresses Regret Over FTX Super Bowl Ad

By: Eva Baxter

Comedian Larry David confessed his remorse for taking part in an ad for Sam Bankman-Fried's cryptocurrency exchange, FTX. This ad, which gained significant attention during the Super Bowl, soon caused controversy as the exchange faced difficulties and ultimately collapsed several months later.

David openly referred to himself as an 'idiot' for participating in the advertisement, reflecting the comedian's characteristic self-deprecating humor. However, underlying this jest is a significant critique of celebrity endorsements for cryptocurrencies, especially since the advertisements often do not reflect the volatility and risk associated with these platforms.

Following the notorious collapse of the exchange, a class action lawsuit has been contemplated by some aggrieved parties. David expressed that he wouldn't dismiss the idea of joining such a legal action.

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