Learn Concept: Impact of Protodanksharding on Ethereum

Learn Concept: Impact of Protodanksharding on Ethereum

By: Isha Das

This lesson concept focuses on the impact of Protodanksharding on Ethereum, a significant upcoming upgrade to the Ethereum blockchain network. The upgrade introduces data blobs, which can hold more data than blocks but are not permanently stored or accessible by the Ethereum virtual engine. This allows Ethereum to bypass the tedious procedure of dividing into several shard chains.

Notably, financial institutions like JPMorgan and Standard Chartered have projected a promising future for Ethereum owing to the Protodanksharding upgrade. It is anticipated to bring about significant improvements to Ethereum's network activity and reestablish its prominence within the cryptocurrency ecosystem. So much so that some analysts foresee Ethereum outperforming Bitcoin in terms of market price performance by 2024.

Finally, Layer 2 networks such as Optimism (OP) and Arbitrum (ARB) are poised to be the biggest beneficiaries of the upgrade.

To understand this concept more deeply, let's delve deeper into the specific changes Protodanksharding will bring about, the technical aspects of data blobs, and the impact on Layer 2 networks.(source)

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