Learn Concept: Universal ZK Rollup 'PI Squared' and its Impact

Learn Concept: Universal ZK Rollup 'PI Squared' and its Impact

By: Eva Baxter

The introduction of 'PI Squared', a new universal ZK Rollup, marks a significant advancement in blockchain scaling solutions. Revealed by Illinois-based Runtime Verification, this development was announced at the xDay conference organized by MultiversX. This innovation, made possible by a collaboration between Runtime Verification and MultiversX, leverages technology developed by NASA to streamline the verification of computational claims using mathematical proofs.

The relevance of PI Squared extends beyond scaling solutions, promising a more secure and efficient blockchain ecosystem. Utilizing a unique proof checker, it minimizes the need for traditional transaction validation and deploys a custom ZK circuit. As a result, it offers a fresh perspective on scalability for Layer 1 blockchain networks. Its programming language independency and virtual machine agnostic nature make it more accessible to a wider range of developers, users, and businesses.

The MultiversX blockchain is set to greatly benefit from PI Squared, which can effectively detect bugs and logic errors right from the inception of projects. This doesn't only enhancing security but also accessibility. The implementation of PI Squared is, therefore, anticipated to drive higher security standards in the light of emerging hacking incidents and smart contract exploits.

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