Legendary Investor And Crypto Critic Charlie Munger Passes Away At 99

Legendary Investor And Crypto Critic Charlie Munger Passes Away At 99

By: Eliza Bennet

Charles Thomas Munger, globally acclaimed investor and known for his partnership with Warren Buffett at Berkshire Hathaway, passed away on Nov. 28 at 99 years old. His family informed that Munger died in a California hospital in the morning. The famed investor was also renowned for his bold critique of cryptocurrency, frequently deeming it as a risky investment.

Apart from being one of the most influential investors, Charlie Munger also led a famed career across various sectors, most significantly transforming Berkshire Hathaway from a struggling textile firm into a massive conglomerate worth over $700 billion. He was appreciated for his 'value investing' philosophy, which prioritized buying top-quality firms for the long term.

Charlie Munger earned widespread criticism and praise alike for his outspoken disapproval of cryptocurrencies. He described Bitcoin as a 'noxious poison' and called cryptocurrencies as a general 'dangerous' investing strategy. Despite rebound certain risky assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum in 2023, Munger retained his critique and advised investors to avoid such investments.

This noteworthy investor played a vast role in shaping the business world apart from his critical views on cryptocurrency, and his loss is a significant event in the global business community.

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