Lugano, Swiss City, Embraces Bitcoin and Tether for Tax Payment

Lugano, Swiss City, Embraces Bitcoin and Tether for Tax Payment

By: Eliza Bennet

The Swiss city of Lugano has expanded its tax and community fee payment options to encompass Bitcoin and Tether's USDT stablecoin. This enhancement will be facilitated by Bitcoin Suisse, a Swiss crypto gateway provider, and will streamline the settlement of invoices regardless of their nature or amount. The implementation marks a significant advancement in Lugano's broader Plan B initiative, aiming to incorporate Bitcoin and blockchain technology into the town's everyday life.

The technicalities of accepting digital currencies as payment will be handled by Bitcoin Suisse, increasingly solidifying its active role in Swiss municipalities. Bitcoin Suisse will leverage QR-Bill technology, a system that lets residents scan a QR code on their invoices to finalize their transactions. After scanning, they can select their preferred digital currency and wallet for the transaction.

The move aligns with the city's Plan B program, an ambitious initiative designed to revamp Lugano's financial system with Bitcoin and blockchain technology. Collaboration with Tether - another giant in the crypto realm - is also on the cards to achieve this ambitious goal.

This adoption of Bitcoin for government-based transactions is not the first in Switzerland. Similar initiatives have been seen in the city of Zug and the municipality of Zermatt, both aided by Bitcoin Suisse as their technical infrastructure provider. Nonetheless, this move reaffirms Switzerland's position as a country embracing the benefits of cryptocurrency.

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