Moralis Bolsters Polkadot Development Tools via Moonbeam Network Support

Moralis Bolsters Polkadot Development Tools via Moonbeam Network Support

By: Isha Das

The Web 3 platform, Moralis, announced the addition of support for Polkadot’s parachain, the Moonbeam Network within its Application Programming Interface (API) suite. This move marks a significant augmentation to Polkadot development utilities, providing developers with innovative solutions for transitions from Web2 systems to decentralized blockchain applications. The offered Moralis APIs can be utilized in creating new projects or integrated into existing decentralized applications (dApps).

The integration with Moonbeam Network can further furnish Moonbeam developers with wallet functions through the Moralis Wallet API, accessing valuable data such as token prices, NFTs, on-chain activities, market insights, and trends. Importantly, this initiative can pave the way for Polkadot's expansion to other networks as developers across different chains can now integrate Moonbeam support for numerous dApps with Moralis’ assistance.

In 2022, Moralis secured $40 million in a Series A funding round from significant investors like Coinbase Ventures. Since this, Moralis' API has seen unprecedented adoption from leading Web3 projects, including MetaMask,, and Opera.

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