Notcoin (NOT) Hits $1.81 Billion Market Cap After 238% Weekly Gain

Notcoin (NOT) Hits $1.81 Billion Market Cap After 238% Weekly Gain

By: Eva Baxter

This week has seen some significant moves in the world of crypto and NFT gaming, most notably with the stellar performance of the Notcoin (NOT) token. Notcoin has taken the crypto market by storm, achieving a 46.97% profit in just one day, according to CoinMarketCap data.

Since its inception as a closed beta version in November 2023, supported by the Open Network (TON) Foundation, Notcoin has rapidly grown in popularity. The game officially launched in January 2024, capitalizing on its integration with the Telegram app to attract millions of users.

Notcoin’s in-game mechanics are simple yet addictive. Players earn NOT tokens by continuously tapping on a virtual gold coin and performing various tasks. The introduction of 'earnings missions' has also allowed users to accumulate tokens passively, adding a new dimension to the player experience.

The token saw its official airdrop on May 16, 2024, initially leading to a sharp 60% drop in value from $0.012 to $0.0050. However, the last week has seen a dramatic turnaround. Notcoin’s value surged by 237.70%, reaching an all-time high of $0.01781. This rapid gain has pushed Notcoin's market cap from $526.77 million to approximately $1.81 billion, placing it in the top sixty cryptocurrencies globally.

At press time, Notcoin is trading at $0.01735, bolstered by a 155.57% rise in daily trading volume. Market sentiment remains strongly bullish, with a Coincodex prediction indicating a potential rise to $0.021 in five days and $0.054 in thirty days, based on the current Fear & Greed Index of 72.

Despite the optimistic outlook, caution is advised. Notcoin’s Relative Strength Index (RSI) on a 4-hour trading chart suggests it is in the overbought zone, indicating a possible trend reversal. Investors are encouraged to conduct thorough research, as the crypto market remains unpredictable and highly volatile.

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