Ocean Mining Refutes Accusations of Censoring Bitcoin Transactions

Ocean Mining Refutes Accusations of Censoring Bitcoin Transactions

By: Isha Das

Recent allegations have risen within the crypto community, with Bitcoin mobile wallet app, Samourai Wallet, accusing Ocean Mining, a decentralized Bitcoin (BTC) mining pool, of censoring 'privacy enhancing transactions' on the blockchain network. In a detailed discourse on a prominent social media platform, Samourai Wallet hinted at 'hostility' from Ocean Mining's top brass towards its transactions, saying that Ocean Mining excludes privacy-enhancing transactions by redefining the byte limit on the OP_RETURN function of Bitcoin Core Version 0.12.

This accusation was followed by a plea from Samourai Wallet to miners to reconsider their association with Ocean Mining and redirect their hash power to alternatives. The wallet argued that Ocean's policies are diluting the cypherpunk roots of the Bitcoin project and the market needs to make their stance clear against the pool's transaction censorship policies.

In a turn of events, Ocean Mining's top executive countered the allegations, stating that the issue was due to a bug in Samourai Wallet's system. He further questioned why Samourai exceeded the 42-byte data carrier size and urged the wallet provider to address the problem on their end since it's reducing privacy.

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