OpenAI Challenges New York Times' Copyright Lawsuit Allegations

OpenAI Challenges New York Times' Copyright Lawsuit Allegations

By: Eliza Bennet

In response to an ongoing lawsuit initiated by The New York Times, OpenAI has alleged that the newspaper has omitted key details from their report. The Jan. 8 OpenAI blog post highlights that the two entities were discussing potential cooperation prior to the lawsuit.

The newspaper had previously alleged copyright violations, accusing OpenAI of using its articles to train chatbots. OpenAI, however, maintains that any instances of article “regurgitation” originate from older articles that were later republished on third-party websites.

OpenAI argues that the New York Times knowingly manipulated chatbot prompts to produce these instances of regurgitated content, an activity it describes as unusual and prohibited. The emerging artificial intelligence company also pointed out its ongoing collaborations with various news organizations and highlighted its principles of 'fair use' and opt-out system for material usage.

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