OpenAI Introduces Attuned GPT-4 Turbo and Enables Chatbot Customizability

OpenAI Introduces Attuned GPT-4 Turbo and Enables Chatbot Customizability

By: Isha Das

OpenAI has unveiled a range of product upgrades, including its latest AI model, GPT-4 Turbo and novel upgrades to its ChatGPT at the OpenAI DevDay event. The innovative GPT-4 Turbo extends its answering context to April 2023, expands usable inputs up to 300 pages long, supports text-to-speech with a variety of six preset voices, and lowers input and output token costs. Furthermore, it also now accepts DALL-E AI-generated images.

The industry leader, OpenAI, also allows users to develop custom ChatGPT chatbots, aiming towards democratizing AI development. It is rolling out a feature, GPT Store, letting users publicize these GPTs and simplifying sharing of these, similar to conventional app stores. OpenAI has infused stringent privacy and safety measures for this functionality.

Lastly, now ChatGPT has made it possible for users to create personalized, pre-trained transformers (GPTs), giving them opportunity to make specialized ChatGPT apps for many applications, eradicating the need of typing lengthy commands chains in the chat window.

These leaps in AI are significant steps toward more nuanced, human-like interactions with AI and enabling greater access to powerful AI tools for individual users and enterprises alike.

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