Polygon Labs Ceases Development on Edge, Focus Pivots to Polygon CDK

Polygon Labs Ceases Development on Edge, Focus Pivots to Polygon CDK

By: Eva Baxter

Polygon Labs announced on Dec 15, cessation of its efforts towards Polygon Edge, a platform leveraged by various blockchain projects. Intention primarily being redirecting focus towards the development of Polygon CDK, a promising successor that envisages a unified layer-2 ecosystem with interoperability and a consolidated pool of liquidity, targeting to become the preferred app-chain solution for many projects.

Whilst Polygon Edge remains as an open-source project and can be independently developed by the community, it remains unclear if it will garner enough backing for sustenance without Polygon’s contributions. The likely migration of many projects, which utilized Edge, to Polygon CDK is emphasized, with a dedicated cadre including, crypto exchange OKX, gaming centric chain Immutable, crypto payment and card platform Wirex, and the e-commerce platform Flipkart.

A significant exception to this emerging trend appears to be Dogechain, a project aiming to be a layer-2 network for Dogecoin which has expressed no migration plans as of yet. Despite it being one of the notable projects on Edge and experiencing social media traction owing to the 'doge' meme, it has drawn criticism from Dogecoin developers and carries no official ties to the core project.

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