President Biden Issues Executive Order on AI Risk Management

President Biden Issues Executive Order on AI Risk Management

By: Eliza Bennet

United States President Joe Biden has released an executive order pronounce new standards for the safety, security and trustworthiness of artificial intelligence (AI). The orders pertain to AI developers who must now provide the U.S government with shared safety test results and essential information concerning AI systems that could impact national security, economic security and public health and safety. This is in alignment with the Defense Production Act.

As part of the executive order, The National Institute of Standards and Technology is instructed to develop measures to ensure AI systems are safe, secure and reliable. The AI Safety and Security Board is also established, focusing on applying these standards to critical infrastructure sectors. Additionally, measures against AI's role in generating deceptive content are taken, with guidelines regarding content authentication and watermarking.

The executive order is all-encompassing, addressing various facets of AI, involving privacy, equity, and labor market impacts while fostering innovation and competition. In terms of privacy, President Biden calls on Congress to enact bipartisan data privacy legislation, prioritizing federal backing for development of privacy-preserving techniques.

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