Ramaswamy Slams SEC and 'Three-letter Agencies' in Presidential Debate

Ramaswamy Slams SEC and 'Three-letter Agencies' in Presidential Debate

By: Eliza Bennet

During the recent Republican presidential debates, candidate Vivek Ramaswamy took aim at Gary Gensler and the SEC, accusing them of failing to keep up with the progression of cryptocurrency. This critique of the 'three-letter agencies' and their lack of adequate crypto regulation became a prominent feature of Ramaswamy's arguments.

Ramaswamy further criticized Gensler's inability to acknowledge before Congress that the native currency of Ethereum, Ether (ETH), should be treated as a commodity. He argued that this was 'nothing short of embarrassing', emphasizing the need for regulations to adapt to the digital age.

So far, Ramaswamy is the only Republican candidate that has unveiled a crypto policy framework, suggesting that cryptocurrency may be a significant component of his campaign. Such a move underscores the increasing relevance of digital currencies in political, economic, and societal discussions.

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