Record $3.1M Fee Paid for Bitcoin Transfer

Record $3.1M Fee Paid for Bitcoin Transfer

By: Eva Baxter

In an unprecedented turn of events, a Bitcoin user ended up paying a whopping $3.1 million in transaction fees to make a transfer of 139.42 Bitcoin (BTC). The fee in question counts as the eighth largest in the 14-year history of Bitcoin, capturing global attention.

The transaction took place on November 23, with the sender paying over half the actual transfer value in fees, causing a significant loss. Interestingly, social media users suggest that the sender employed the high transaction fee unintentionally due to a lack of understanding of the Replace-By-Fee (RBF) node policy. RBF permits the replacement of an unconfirmed transaction with a different one offering a higher fee, in a bid to expedite clearance. Thus, it's believed that hopes of cancelling the fee led to repeated replacements, further hiking up the charges.

This incident isn't a first; earlier in September, the Bitcoin exchange platform Paxos inadvertently paid a $500,000 fee for a $2,000 worth BTC transfer. Although in that case the fee was returned by the verifying miner. Unfortunately, for the sender here, the possibility of this massive fee being returned would depend on the payout policies of the mining pool, Antpool, that mined the block and received the fee.

Experts recommend understanding the dynamics of transaction fee policies to avoid the recurrence of such circumstances. Bitcoin users are advised to have a clear understanding of aspects like fee replacements before making substantial transactions.

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