Runestone Ordinal Auction and Oyl's $3M Funding Boosts Bitcoin Operation

Runestone Ordinal Auction and Oyl's $3M Funding Boosts Bitcoin Operation

By: Isha Das

Bitcoin Ordinal Project Runestone is currently hosting an auction for the largest ordinal inscription, known as the Runestone. The highest bid currently stands at $17,261.61, showcasing strong interest from the crypto community. In other exciting news, Bitcoin startup Oyl has successfully raised $3 million to power in-wallet ordinals swaps.

The developing start-up is looking to simplify inscription trading through a browser-based solution, thus enhancing the user experience. This comes as a strategic move aimed at catering for increased trading activities in the Bitcoin ordinal space.

Additionally, Bitcoin Ordinals traders on the Magic Eden platform are set to benefit from an upcoming NFT token airdrop. This event will also include traders operating on Solana and Ethereum, further diversifying and incentivizing user engagement.

Oyl's successful funding round saw contribution from several high-profile investors such as Arthur Hayes, alongside BRC-20 creator Domo. This movement also marked a significant milestone as multiple Ethereum NFT funds marked their first investment in a Bitcoin-oriented company.

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