Sam Altman Reinstated as OpenAI CEO; Microsoft Joins Board

Sam Altman Reinstated as OpenAI CEO; Microsoft Joins Board

By: Isha Das

Founder Sam Altman is back in office as the CEO of OpenAI, after a temporary departure. He confirmed that interim CEO Mira Murati has stepped down and resumed her previous role as Chief Technology Officer in a company memo released on November 29th. A new initial board has been announced, with Salesforce CEO Bret Taylor as the chair alongside Larry Summers, Adam D’Angelo, and Greg Brockman as OpenAI's president.

Altman seems excited about OpenAI's future and praised his team for their resilience and spirit in an unclear situation. He mentioned three key priorities for his second stint as CEO: advancing the firm’s research plan, improving its products, and better serving customers.

In a surprise move, Altman revealed that Microsoft, who has invested $13 billion in OpenAI, will also be included on the new board as a non-voting observer. Microsoft's participation will provide the company with a better opportunity to offer advice and express opinions in board meetings, despite not having a vote. Bret Taylor believes that this inclusion will provide stability for the firm and help in enhancing its governance structure.

In recent times, OpenAI has gained attention for its creation of ChatGPT. The AGI company is known to be at the forefront of using AI in crypto and its unique products are highly sought after in the industry.

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