SEC's Appeal Request Against Ripple Rejected, Heads Towards a 2024 Trial

SEC's Appeal Request Against Ripple Rejected, Heads Towards a 2024 Trial

By: Eva Baxter

In the ongoing legal clash between the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and Ripple Labs, Judge Analisa Torres has rejected SEC's motion to lodge an appeal against a previous ruling. The denial, issued on October 3, initiates a more intricate process as both parties gear up for a trial scheduled for April 23, 2024. The ruling, however, prompted a positive market response, with Ripple's native cryptocurrency XRP witnessing a 5% price spike.

Judge Torres's previous ruling in July had found that certain programmatic sales of Ripple's XRP did not contravene securities laws owing to a blind bid process. However, some direct sales to institutional purchasers were deemed as securities, resulting in a split judgement. The SEC has been seeking to overturn the July ruling, extending its appeal to comprise other circumstances where XRP was swapped for goods or services.

This legal case holds potential repercussions for other crypto platforms like Binance and Coinbase, which could be influenced by the outcome. Ripple Labs, meanwhile, maintains that the necessary conditions for an interlocutory appeal weren't met, referring specifically to the lack of a guiding legal question and the SEC's dissatisfaction with the Howey Test application on most XRP deals. The upcoming trial proceedings promise to present a complex legal timeline requiring specific adherence to scheduled milestones.

As the tussle continues to seize widespread attention, it throws light on regulatory practices, digital currencies, and the changing landscape of the financial sector. A ripple effect is anticipated as this case sets a precedent for future legal battles involving cryptocurrencies and SEC scrutiny.

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