Shiba Inu Team Advocates for Crypto Specific Domains

Shiba Inu Team Advocates for Crypto Specific Domains

By: Eva Baxter

The team behind Shiba Inu Coin are leading efforts to launch a series of cryptocurrency specific internet domains, in partnership with leading domain company D3. This venture aims to set a significant milestone as the first-ever crypto centric top-level-domain (TLD). With successful approval, the SHIB holders could soon flaunt a '.shib' internet domain.

This effort is not merely about creating a trend but it is also a major step towards a decentralized identity project. With the 'shib' domain registration, the SHIB community is marking their own space in the digital world.

D3 is a frontrunner in the Web3 domain arena, and their collaboration with the SHIB team emphasizes the growing intersection of digital finance and internet infrastructure. This move ushers a new wave of crypto utility and represents an innovative approach to crypto identity.

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