Stars Arena Patches Exploit Amid Surge in Popularity

Stars Arena Patches Exploit Amid Surge in Popularity

By: Eva Baxter

Stars Arena, the latest social finance application in the world of cryptocurrency, has recently patched an exploit in its price function system. Previously, the fault allowed hackers to escape with roughly $2,000. The platform, which takes inspiration from the protocol, successfully counteracted what it referred to as 'coordinated FUD'. The exploit has since been fixed, with the platform reassuring its users via a post on Twitter.

Despite this fix, reactions to the vulnerability and its subsequent resolution were mixed within the crypto community. The highly unsuccessful exploit led to an economically unfeasible attack vector, resulting in attackers reportedly accumulating more gas fee costs than the profits they garnered from the hack. Ava Labs CEO, Emin Gün Sirer, pointed out this fact in a tweet, highlighting the comparatively meager profits of the hackers.

Regardless of such issues, Stars Arena continues to climb in popularity among users, following in the footsteps of other successful social finance platforms, such as and Alpha on the Bitcoin network. As it stands, remains dominant in the market, with a monthly trading value exceeding $293 million.

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