STRK Token Airdrop by Starknet Foundation Awaits Finalization

STRK Token Airdrop by Starknet Foundation Awaits Finalization

By: Isha Das

The Starknet Foundation has confirmed that they have completed a snapshot for its upcoming STRK token airdrop, but it has also cautioned against misinterpretation of circulating screenshots taken from drafts of front-end pages relating to the airdrop. The Ethereum-based layer-2 network has shown intentions to distribute tokens to specific users and contributors, however, the decision process for this distribution is still underway.

The circulating screenshots, which demonstrate an early vision of a distribution portal for the STRK token, do not reflect the definitive plans. Starknet is firm in asserting that the screenshots are drafts and do not intimate eligibility criteria or the number of tokens to be received. The Foundation is yet to share finalized official criteria and details about the provision allocations.

Despite the significant attention from the community, the Starknet Foundation reiterated that they are still in the planning process for the distribution of tokens, taking past activities of users and contributors into account. They further warned their users to remain vigilant against potential scams often associated with airdrop announcements.

Operational since February 2022, Starknet ranks among the top ten layer-2 networks based on total value locked. No definitive decisions have been made yet regarding the distribution, stirring further anticipation in the crypto community.

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