Tether Dives Into AI Technology Arena, Plans to Develop Open-Source Models

Tether Dives Into AI Technology Arena, Plans to Develop Open-Source Models

By: Eva Baxter

World's largest stablecoin creator, Tether, has unveiled its ambitious plans to enter the artificial intelligence (AI) sector with a focus on developing open-source, multimodal AI models. The company is also eyeing integration of AI solutions into market-products, fuelled by a drive to combat monopolization of AI technologies by big tech giants.

Tether data, under Tether, is presenting itself as a crusader of transparency and privacy in AI model development. Their strategic focus will reside on three areas: developing open-source AI models, engaging in collaborations for AI integration into products, and contributing to the larger ecosystem. This move marks a considerable milestone in Tether's journey considering its historical investments in varied sectors such as renewable telecommunications, energy, and bitcoin mining.

Paolo Ardoino, CEO of Tether, emphasized on the role of AI in revolutionizing aspects of real and digital lives. The establishment of a new division within Tether is intended at redefining AI borders, democratizing open AI technology, and setting benchmarks for innovation, utility, and transparency.

In pursuit of its AI plans, Tether has rolled out a global recruitment drive to bring in experts into its expanding AI division. With Tether, a market leader, directing its focus on open-source, transparent, and privacy-preserving AI models, it signals new standards for developing and launching AI technologies in the crypto industry. Tether's strategic growth in AI points toward a business shift as it looks to strengthen its place in the thriving tech industry.

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