Tether Invests $200M in Brain-Computer Interface Company Blackrock Neurotech

Tether Invests $200M in Brain-Computer Interface Company Blackrock Neurotech

By: Eliza Bennet

Digital asset giant, Tether, has embarked on a major strategic investment into leading Brain-Computer-Interface technology company, Blackrock Neurotech. A whopping $200 million investment has been made, which flags the commencement of Tether Evo, their new venture division. This step is a part of Tether's long-term vision to invest in technologies that notably improve quality of life.

CEO Paolo Ardoino stressed on Tether's focus on human potential enhancement technologies, expressing the desire to help people with paralysis, lost function and neurological disorders. Blackrock Neurotech's cutting-edge implants have shown the capability of enabling thoughts to text at 90 characters per minute and direct interaction with computers among others, which falls in line with Tether's mission to improve human capabilities.

In the past, Blackrock Neurotech's technology has created a buzz by enabling a patient to fist-bump the former U.S. President Obama using a robotic arm controlled by a brain-computer interface. It's also been used to assist patients in operating robotic arms, controlling wheelchairs and even driving a car.

Further, the market cap of Tether exceeds $109 billion, and the company is expanding into areas such as peer-to-peer communications, Bitcoin mining, education and artificial intelligence.

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