The Impact Of AI In Various Fields, According To Experts

The Impact Of AI In Various Fields, According To Experts

By: Isha Das

JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon has pronounced that artificial intelligence (AI) could be applied to 'every single process' of his firm’s operations, potentially replacing humans in certain roles. In an interview, Dimon revealed that processes such as trading, hedging, research and error detection could be streamlined by AI. He further explained that AI could serve as a co-pilot or replace humans entirely, and also mentioned its significant role in idea generation and large language models. Additionally, AI is performing most of the equity hedging for JP Morgan.

AI's impact is not limited to banking, with its influence clearly felt in the realm of gaming. According to AI Arena's CEO Brandon Da Silva and COO Wei Xie, AI has the potential to transform the video game experience. The capabilities of AI also extend to decentralized finance (DeFi), with AI expected to enhance DeFi’s accessibility, security and compliance.

However, the emergence of AI also carries potential negatives. There are concerns over its potential misuse, particularly in cyberspace. In conclusion, while AI's impact on the job market is inevitable, Dimon expresses hope that displaced workers can be redeployed in more suitable work environments.

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