Weekly Crypto Roundup: Bitcoin Stability, Regulatory Changes, and More

Weekly Crypto Roundup: Bitcoin Stability, Regulatory Changes, and More

By: Eliza Bennet

  1. Singapore amends its Payment Services Act, further positioning the country as a cryptocurrency-friendly destination.
  2. Coinbase secures a restricted dealer license in Canada, marking it as the largest registered cryptocurrency exchange in the nation.
  3. Bitcoin's market dynamics point towards a possible upsurge amid ongoing stability in the market.
  4. Degen Chain, a layer-3 network, continues to gain popularity despite concerns on its implications for Ethereum's security.
  5. Bitcoin's performance in the first week of April signals some turbulence as prices fell, stirring significant liquidations in the digital asset market.
  6. Tether moves up to become the seventh largest Bitcoin holder globally after a recent acquisition of Bitcoin worth $618 million.
  7. The cryptocurrency market takes a hit with a drastic drop in trading volume on South Korea's Upbit and a substantial Bitcoin flash crash.
  8. FTX founder, Sam Bankman-Fried, expresses remorse over actions leading to his prison sentence and announces intentions to appeal the decision.
  9. Decentralized exchange, FixedFloat, faces a significant security breach resulting in a loss of $2.8 million and $400,000 in frozen USDT.
  10. The US government moves $2B of Silk Road Bitcoin to Coinbase amidst a dip in Bitcoin's value.

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