Worldcoin Foundation Open-Sources ORB Software

Worldcoin Foundation Open-Sources ORB Software

By: Eliza Bennet

The core software components of Worldcoin Foundation's ORB technology, aimed at enhancing security and privacy online, have been released into the open-source domain. The software, now housed on GitHub and under MIT/Apache 2.0 licenses, supports the Foundation's ongoing mission to improve transparency in digital identity verification. This incorporates their proprietary iris recognition technology and hardware, both of which were made public previously.

A wave of countries expressing concerns about the biometric data collection process has led to Worldcoin's bid for transparency. The crypto market saw gains in Worldcoin (WLD) following this announcement, with trading reaching $8.26, marking a 4% increase over 24 hours, notwithstanding the current market downturn.

The functionality of ORB revolves around authenticating users by processing their eye and face images to distinguish real human users from automated systems or AIs. The software's primary job involves capturing images and securely sending them to the World App, affirming Worldcoin's commitment to open and transparent processes.

Worldcoin's initial developer, Tools for Humanity (TFH), has developed a comprehensive compute stack for the ORB, emphasizing high performance and security when dealing with sensitive biometric data. A security audit of ORB technology completed by Trail of Bits confirmed that it is adhering to privacy standards while handling personally identifiable information, despite identifying 12 vulnerabilities including one severe issue.

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