Zilliqa Network Experiences Outage Due to Critical Technical Fault

Zilliqa Network Experiences Outage Due to Critical Technical Fault

By: Isha Das

Earlier in December, Zilliqa, a blockchain platform based on the sharding technique for improving scalability, announced a critical technical issue that impacted its block production process. As a result, there was an interruption in the network's normal operations, leading to a significant decrease in daily transactions.

This situation resulted in a necessary pause in any deposits or withdrawals on the network as a safety measure. Zilliqa's core team has since prioritized the investigation and resolution of this issue, with an assurance that all user funds are secure. Zilliqa users can check the status of their funds using the blockchain scanner and their ZIL address.

Launched in 2017, the Zilliqa platform uses sharding to divide the network into smaller segments or shards, promoting efficient transaction processing, and overcoming scalability issues. Alongside this, their native cryptocurrency, ZIL, plays a vital role in transaction facilitation and network node rewards.


While the necessary steps are being taken to restore normal network operations, the Zilliqa team continues to express gratitude to its community for its patience and understanding during this critical time.

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