Weekly Crypto Digest: Hacks, Upgrades, and ETF Predictions

Weekly Crypto Digest: Hacks, Upgrades, and ETF Predictions

By: Eva Baxter

  1. Orbit Chain Suffers Estimated $81M Hack, Assets Yet to be Moved: Cross-chain platform, Orbit Chain has reportedly suffered a loss of around $81M due to a major hack.
  2. UniSat Wallet Aligns with Ordinals Jubilee Upgrade, BRC-20 Creator Expresses Concerns: UniSat Wallet has confirmed its support for the upcoming Ordinals Jubilee upgrade amidst ongoing discussions about BRC-20 token standard's evolution.
  3. Bitcoin's Rough Week Leads to Over $700M Liquidation: Bitcoin experienced a significant drop last week, causing over $700 million worth of liquidations.
  4. Crypto Thefts Linked to North Korea Dropped to $600M in 2023: Thefts associated with North Korean actors amounted to around $600 million in 2023, marking a 30% decrease from the previous year.
  5. Bitcoin Predictions for 2024: Expert Forecasts ranging from $60,000 to $500,000: As we enter 2024, experts predict the growth of Bitcoin ranging from $60,000 to a staggering $500,000.

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